Leo Tabick

PGA Player Coach

Leo P. Tabick, as a high-level professional golf coach, outstanding in his field and very accomplished, brings his expertise and experience to serious players of all ages. Through a hands-on golf curriculum that includes individual instruction and a variety of group programs, Leo imparts his love of golf and his philosophy to his students. Leo’s ebook is now available where players can use on the practice green and fairway, the only one of it’s kind with stance, swing and club position images and commentary that is a powerful tool to reinforce the lessons learned.

Leo Tabick, owner and operator of The Golf Performance Academy. He is an accomplished “Class A” PGA Professional with more than four decades of experience.
Watch Leo Tabick’s video playlist. Learn how to strike a great ball routine, hitting out the rough, maintaining shaft deflection, mindmapping the game of golf and more..
The grip is most important because it connects the hands to the golf club. Even though, at times, you may think the ball has a mind of its own, in reality.. Read more…

Better Golf Performance APP

The Better Golf Performance APP provides a wide variety of information, video golf tips, podcasts, resources and more, it’s like having a golf coach in your pocket.


  • Monthly video Golf Sound Bites for greater detailed tips and training.
  • “Mind Mapping the Game of Golf” Podcast
  • News and updates on lessons, corporate events, and programs for junior players.
  • Enroll in classes or register for private lessons directly on the app.
  • 1-touch calling to Leo P. Tabick, PGA
  • Directions/map to Hyatt Hills Golf Complex
  • Alerts on: Specials; Discounts; Club fitting events



Revealing Your Swing

By Leo P. Tabick, PGA Player Coach
Leo's new ebook, "Revealing Your Swing", delivers in the palm of your hand, images and insights from Leo's 47 years of experience as a PGA Professional. Want to know how to best position your club face for that downhill lie, check page 52 and see exactly what you need to do.