How to Approach Lessons


``Your instructor can't make you a great player, but he can instruct you how to learn how to play better golf.`` I will teach you to learn the fundamentals and then by careful practice adapt them to your individuality. I will require that if you opt for a 5 or 10-lesson package, you complete it within a 3-month timeframe for optimal benefit. To truly achieve improvement in your game, build muscle memory and internalize the lessons learned, weekly sessions plus practice on your own are necessary.


You will be coming to me for help with your golf swing and your game management. It will greatly help me if you ask questions. Let me know immediately if you do not understand what I am saying or that you do not have the ``feel`` of the swing.


Practice the drills given to you until you can achieve the results we need. You strengthen swing fundamentals by precisely practicing drills tailored to correct your swing faults. This is usually the fastest path to meaningful change.


Never combat one error with another, but rather eliminate the error. Suffer the discomfort until it is no longer uncomfortable and then by perseverance and determination you will find comfort in the new habit.


I expect you to practice and work on the ``keys`` you are learning. The more effort you apply, the better results you can expect.

After The Lesson


  • Hit some balls, practicing only your lesson keys.
  • Practice your swing, forget ball flight results.
  • Practice with clubs you used in your lesson.
  • Practice where you can concentrate without being disturbed.
  • Practice on the course by yourself.

If you are tired do not continue hitting golf shots. Make your own notes expressing your feelings in your own way and words. Remember, it is the quality of practice that counts, not the quantity of balls you hit!


If you must play after a lesson it would be better if you:

  • Don’t use a scorecard.
  • Don’t play under pressure situations, until you have perfected your new technique. Remember, under pressure you will usually return to the old comfortable swing, especially if you do not get immediate results from the new swing thoughts.
  • Tell playing partners you are working on a new method and you may be off your game, but that you will enjoy their company! Give your new method a fair chance.

Revealing Your Swing

By Leo P. Tabick, PGA Player Coach
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