Hi Leo —

You worked with me in 2019 and right up to when the pandemic hit. Since then we’ve moved. I never thanked you for all you did for my golf game. I’m playing twice a week and I’m enjoying the game more than I ever did. So, thank you very much for all you did for me. I wish you continued success with the Academy.


Tom N.

From the husband –

“Ever since this past March, my wife and I have taken lessons from Leo. He really emphasizes the fundamentals: setup, alignment, takeaway, putting, and chipping. He analyzed all of our different swings and showed us how best to deal with the different lies we can encounter out on the course. In addition, he coached us on how to adjust our mindset for this game.

With Leo’s professional instruction, my posture is much more stable and consistent. I have dropped around 10 strokes per game, and my wife, Kathy, dropped about 20 strokes. The results have been amazing and we’re appreciative of his style, knowledge, and approach to teaching.”



From the wife – 

“My husband and I have been taking lessons from Leo since March of 2022. Both of us are in our mid fifty’s, one year player back to March. We share two-hour lessons every two weeks. During the first two sessions, I dropped about 20 strokes, 95% of my games come in under 100. We are almost finished with our third 2-hour joint lesson, and plan to keep this pace for the long run.

Leo is a great coach. “Don’t stop” is the best suggestion I learned from him. It means a lot. I slow down the moment my club touches the ball and stop moving when my body is tense.  After learning to focus on relaxing my body and keeping the motion throughout the whole swing, I’m now noticing that the ball goes straight and further.

Leo, we love you!”


“Good morning, Leo!

I did more practice last night. I was able to hit the ball with my driver at a much higher success rate than before. And it was so fun — I can easily hit 180+ (probably 200+) yards… Feels like I can go pro now (just kidding).

I also made some progress on irons but I need to enhance my consistency. Thanks very much for your instructions! They really help me a lot.”


“Hey Leo.

Just wanted to say thank you for that lesson. I hit better today than I ever did. No shanks and only two small slices. I’ll be in touch soon for some more lessons.
Rick “

Dr. Rick Rutkowski

“Hi Leo. I just completed my third lesson with you this afternoon, as you know. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am the way things are progressing. I know I have a ways to go and that I have some bad habits I need to break, but I am very hopeful that this will all lead to better golf under your instructions.

“Thanks a bunch Leo. See you on Tuesday for the next lesson.”


“I highly recommend Leo TabIck for anyone that is serious about improving their golf game.

“I reached out to Leo to help my get my swing in shape after coming back to the game after not playing for many years and he did not disappoint. He was able to quickly identify what was working about my swing and what wasn’t and took a very personalized approach to helping me hold onto my strengths and resolve my weaknesses.

“My best 9 before the first lesson with Leo was 49 and I shot 40 the next time out. I signed up for the 10 package and can’t wait to see what we can do together with a few more lessons.”


“Working with Leo has been one of the most rewarding elements of my golf career. His thoughtful, encouraging approach to instruction, combined with his keen ability to connect with each golfer on a personal level, makes each lesson an immersive experience.

“His detailed video dissections demonstrate his clear passion for the game and kindly reveal of subtle flaws in your grip, setup, swing, and mindset. The accompanying drills he’s prescribed have helped me break some bad habits and empowered me to be more consistent.

“I’ve been a mid to high handicapper for years. After working with Leo, I’m now consistently shooting in the mid-80s and have even flirted with that elusive 79. In my last round, I shot an 80 on a 6,300-yard course. A chip-in attempt on the 18th green for what would have been a 79, hit the pin and bounced 6 inches from the cup!

“I’m very excited to work with Leo more on my short game and some course management to bring my handicap into single digits and, perhaps, move into some competitive golf.”

Ryan Murphy, 36, Staten Island, NY

“I have worked with Leo for the past 3 years. His program is a study, not a memorization. Hard work, dedication and passion for the game will get you to a 68.

Best PGA coach in the state.”

Ryan Toto

“Leo — Great videos on your app. It’s helping to make all info sink in and hopefully stick because there was a lot top process but watching the videos after, helps it all make sense. Especially around the shape of the club and the SwingPlane. Thanks again. See you next week.”

A. D. – Golf Performance Academy

“I cannot thank you enough for the bunker lesson you gave me yesterday. Before the lesson hitting into the sand and trying to get out was an impossibility and extremely stressful. The day after the lesson I had my weekly game with my friends in which I landed in 6 traps. I was able to hit out successfully all 6 times on my first try (2 were tap-ins and the others were within 12 feet). You are truly a master at your craft!! It was well worth the trip from Long Island to New Jersey!!”

R. B. – Golf Performance Academy

“Just want to take this time to let you know that my lessons have lead to improvement in my game and that I’m more and more optimistic about every round and practice session. Thank you. You’re a terrific teacher.”

G. H. – Golf Performance Academy

“Thank you Molly for arranging such an amazing golf clinic! [Leo] was knowledgeable, encouraging and most of all, patient. In combination of beautiful women present, the backdrop of the evening and the golf facility, it was an absolutely beautiful day… can’t wait until the next clinic!”

T. K. – Golf Performance Academy

“The Golf Clinic was a great opportunity to learn the game of golf and networking with other business women. Leo is a clever teacher.”

V. W. – Golf Performance Academy

“In the span of a year, Leo has helped me become a more consistent ball striker and greatly improve my short game and putting. His patience, coupled to his ability to explain the proper technique, make him a great instructor. And most importantly, he wants us to understand that golf is a game, and games are supposed to be fun.”

S. W. – Golf Performance Academy

“My son loved the lesson today and told me all about the left brain/right brain thinking. You have a great influence on him and he really enjoys the mental, physical & life lessons.”

R. C. – Golf Performance Academy

“I can’t thank you enough for bringing back my enjoyment of the game and my confidence!”

A. L. – Golf Performance Academy

“I have only taken 2 lessons with Leo and shot my 2 lowest rounds in a decade. Also, I reference Leo’s website from my phone, even when I’m on the course, for help with uneven lies.”

Dan Moroses

“Just wanted to tell you everything you showed me worked out great on my last few rounds.”


Revealing Your Swing

By Leo P. Tabick, PGA Player Coach
Leo's new ebook, "Revealing Your Swing", delivers in the palm of your hand, images and insights from Leo's 47 years of experience as a PGA Professional. Want to know how to best position your club face for that downhill lie, check page 52 and see exactly what you need to do.