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Welcome to the Golf Performance Academy’s Online Swing Analysis service. Not only will you be able to get expert, professional guidance and training in person, but analysis of your swing is now virtual, too. Take a lesson with Leo and the videos of your swing are now accessible online for you to review at your leisure. Video your swing on your own and upload it to your private account for Leo to review and help you with at your next lesson.

The value you receive from Leo and the Golf Performance Academy stays with you wherever you go.

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An important component in any lesson is visual feedback, instant video replay sets the mental image for the student to alter their swing where traditional instruction without video fails. Only after you are able to alter the perception of the technique from the actual technique, will the student be able to alter the physical component and begin to build corrections into what is referred to as “muscle memory.”

Although muscle memory does not technically exist, the physical feeling as it relates to the actual image of the physical motion is without question, easier to alter with video than without. Instruction with video is trememdous advantage in any form of teaching motor skills.

Having Leo in your corner as you review your swing back home, on the course via your mobile phone or anywhere will definitely help you improve each and every day!

Revealing Your Swing

By Leo P. Tabick, PGA Player Coach
Leo's new ebook, "Revealing Your Swing", delivers in the palm of your hand, images and insights from Leo's 47 years of experience as a PGA Professional. Want to know how to best position your club face for that downhill lie, check page 52 and see exactly what you need to do.