Meet Leo

Meet Leo

High-level professional golf coach, outstanding in his field and very accomplished, Leo Tabick is Owner and operator of The Golf Performance Academy. He is an accomplished “Class A” PGA Professional with more than four decades of experience.  Leo has provided golf instruction and operations management at courses throughout New York and New Jersey.  He is currently based at the Hyatt Hills Golf Complex in Clark, NJ.

Leo’s Approach

Through the Golf Performance Academy, Leo brings his expertise and experience to serious players looking to reach that next level of performance on their way to competitive play. He has a hands-on golf curriculum that advances the player’s understanding and view of what is necessary to play at their highest level. Leo’s style is such that he is able to convey his love of golf and his philosophy to his students.


Leo believes that his role is to educate players to the subtleties of high level play. While there are many different ways to do that, his approach is to find your unique learning style.


Using the Intellectual, Creative and Sensory abilities that each of us have, Leo uncovers the best approach for each player that leverages their abilities most effectively to reach an understanding

Leo’s Philosophy

According to Leo, the game of golf can be played by anyone who has the time and patience to gather core information. A PGA Player Coach can help identify your path to successful ball striking that allows you to enjoy this wonderful game.

Lessons can make the game ten times more enjoyable. They can help you to reach your potential skill level. Lessons will give you a clear understanding of your swing, its strengths and weaknesses. Here are Leo’s tips on how to approach lessons – then you can really begin to enjoy the great game of golf!

Professional Accomplishments

  • American Golf Corporation 2000 Northeast Regional Golf Professional of the Year.
  • Contributing author and technical advisor to Long Island Golf Magazine.
  • Member of the Metropolitan PGA Board of Governors.
  • Metropolitan PGA Junior Golf Chairman.
  • Metropolitan PGA Junior Golf Promoter Award recipient.
  • Tournament Committee Member, Metropolitan PGA.

Career Highlights


  • LaTourette Golf Course, Staten Island, NY
  • Inwood Country Club, Inwood, NY
  • Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course, Bronx, NY
  • Lido Golf Club, Lido Beach, NY


  • Randalls Island Golf Academy, New York, NY

Revealing Your Swing

By Leo P. Tabick, PGA Player Coach
Leo's new ebook, "Revealing Your Swing", delivers in the palm of your hand, images and insights from Leo's 47 years of experience as a PGA Professional. Want to know how to best position your club face for that downhill lie, check page 52 and see exactly what you need to do.