The Golf Swing Shirt is an easy to use swing trainer that helps you learn and feel a great golf swing. High grade compression fabric, long lasting and made in the USA.


Keating Physical Therapy was created to give our clients a one-on-one, hands-on experience that is centered around each individual.  Dr. Karyn Keating has received the Titliest Performance Institute’s  Medical certification that is specialized for healthcare professionals to address the specific needs of golfers.

At Keating PT we not only treat your golfing injury, but address the underlying cause of the pain. With our golf specific rehabilitation programs, not only will we return you to the game stronger, but you will also have a reduced risk of re-injury. We like to work closely with your golf pro to make sure we address all aspects of your swing so we can work together to improve your strength and mobility.”

“At Professional Physical Therapy we treat the whole person not just their injury. Dr. Rick Rutkowski has over 30 years of experience helping golfers achieve pain-free performance through golf specific rehab strategies and hands-on therapy. He can help you eliminate your painful swing, improve flexibility and allow you to play for years to come.”

“GolfPal was founded by real golfers.  Our aim is to provide serious help with your game with the finest training aids, accessories, helpful tips & strategies. We are partnering with innovative suppliers and leading brands to bring you a great golf learning experience without any hype or gimmicks ― at the best available prices. We will never overpromise and underdeliver.”                               — GolfPal


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“I’m pleased to announce The Golf Performance Academy and Sports Rotations have formed a relationship which will bring together the important elements of golf training with fitness training for golfers. Suzannah Plant, a Titleist Performance Institute Instructor, Level 3, brings years of experience and expertise of helping players of all ages get the mobility, flexibility and proper positioning to ensure they can execute their most effective swing.”

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“This is one of the finest training aids I’ve ever come across in my 47 years as a PGA Professional. If you’d like to see what I mean and try it out for yourself, give me a call.”


Whatever your lie is, you can practice it over and over again with our new multi-angle, rotating platform – ToughLie 360. Schedule a lesson today to prepare for those tough lies tomorrow. Call Leo at 917-763-0307

Better Golf Performance APP

The Better Golf Performance APP is a complete source for all your golfing needs. Information and tips on all facets of the game including: full swings, fairway shots, driving, short game, putting, course strategy and more are right in the palm of your hand.


  • Monthly video Golf Sound Bites for greater detailed tips and training.
  • “Mind Mapping the Game of Golf” Podcast
  • News and updates on lessons, corporate events, and programs for junior players.
  • Enroll in classes or register for private lessons directly on the app.
  • 1-touch calling to Leo P. Tabick, PGA
  • Directions/map to Hyatt Hills Golf Complex
  • Alerts on: Specials; Discounts; Club fitting events

College Golf Recruiting Simplified


“Our Mission is to educate and mentor junior golf families during the college recruiting process and provide them with the tools that will lead to the ideal fit for college, both academically and athletically.”


Rich Brazeau “Coach B” – Founder and President, Second Nine Consulting

Education, Mentorship and Advising
on the College Golf Recruiting Process

Key training tools can make the whole difference in your ability to improve your game. The Golf Performance Academy believes in bringing our players the best in training. The PlaneSWING is in that group.

Video analysis and feedback during your lesson as well as afterwards is key to being able to apply what you’ve just learned.

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From the very simple to the more complex, the tools from Golf Training Aids will help you achieve your golfing goals!

I’m a believer in using training aids to assist my players for strengthening exercises and building their proper swing. There are many to choose from but I prefer those available through Golf Training


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Revealing Your Swing

By Leo P. Tabick, PGA Player Coach
Leo's new ebook, "Revealing Your Swing", delivers in the palm of your hand, images and insights from Leo's 47 years of experience as a PGA Professional. Want to know how to best position your club face for that downhill lie, check page 52 and see exactly what you need to do.